A Helping Hand

April 23, 2010
By , Winston Salem, NC
My heart is slowly ripping apart as I see the tears of pain slowly fall down their faces. I watch the videos of a mother hysterically crying her son who is crushed under the ruble. A father stares into space unaware of the chaotic hustle and bustle of people running down the street left and right; his only concern is his dead wife laying lifeless in his arms. A country once alive with it's vibrant culture, people, and their unique rythmn is now destroyed. A man's home, and a young girl's school is now broken pieces lying in the ground, and in the midst is a country that has fallen emotionally,physically, and mentally.
News of the earthquake has spread like an uncontainable wildfire. Instantly people are asking the question What can be done to help Haiti? Despite conditions of one's own problems it will never amount to what a little child can possible feel knowing that their parent's will never see them again, and just like that contest, concerts, lemonade stands are put into effect, and all procedes go to Haiti! Locally, and nationally the strong, sincere voices of our famous figures are calling on everyone to give, give, and give because Haiti can't be saved if we don't help them. Learning of such a tragedy and knowing that people really do care is reflected as people are calling and millions of dollars is collected for the Haiti relief projects.
In an Instant someone puts their personal life on hold to help get someone elses moving again.
A mother sets aside $10 dollars out of her paycheck to ensure a family of four water for a month. A basketball team plays a tournament to help send food to 300 people. A survivor digs and digs through piles of ruble unwilling to give up on other possible survivors. A doctor who is off for a week fly's over to give an assisting hand, and One nation stands up striving to pick another one back up again.

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