sexual activity among teens

April 14, 2010
what if i told you that Approximately 40 percent of women become pregnant before they reach 20 years old.
The United States of America has double the adolescent pregnancy and birth rates of any other country.
Less than one-third of teens who have babies before the age of 18 finish high school, and still yet not many schools don't educate about birth control,and most kids are to embarresed to talk about it to their parents.
i took a visit to my local mall
and asked 25 mothers if there teens were having sex, would they be less conserned if their child was using the proper protection, and 24 of those mothers sayed "yes". Some people say that passing out condomes in high school is putting the idea that sex is ok into these teens heads, but most likely they will do it anyways and sometimes there is no way to stop it from happening.
the age of teen pregnancys is getting younger and younger. 15% of them are from kids in middle school 6-8th graders having unprotected sex. Is time to do somthing about it. teens dont be afraid to talk to your parents about sex. Believe it or not they care about you and have the right to know if you are having sex [protected OR unprotected], and parents dont be afraid to try to talk about sex to your kids.
im pretty sure that you don't want to be called grandma or grandpa at the age of 36, do you? my friend was 14 when she got pregnate. she was 15 when she gave birth. she dropped out of high school here jr year, and her mom helps raise her son, the father gave up all rights at birth, and she is currently working at mcdonalds. if you dont wan't that for you or your teen then do somthing about it! speak up! be heard! don't just sit back and let it happen.

-lynnette montalvo

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