Many Times Before

April 14, 2010
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Beauty…it’s an unfamiliar and unpredictable idea. No matter how many times we think of it, we can never pinpoint what it actually is and for most of us, blinded by our own perceptions, beauty is anything and everything that could only be right: the way a face looks, how fresh that flower smells, what the sun feels like after a cold day, how the sweetest candy tastes on a tongue and the way a voice resonates.
Yet, we fail to realize that beauty, true beauty, is made up of the ugly and the wonderful. How would we know that the sun is enchanting without the rain? How would we know the perfect moment unless we experienced the flawed ones? Without the horrible, there can’t be beauty; they depend on each other, two separate concepts coming together as one, light and darkness, right and wrong, yin and yang.
We live through both of them, thinking them independent and unattached to one another and never see the most genuine form of beauty. However, there are those few who are given the chance to find both the hideous and magnificent unified, giving and taking in perfect balance…putting them right on the edge, ready to fall, only to have that one instant when it all becomes clear , when both light and darkness shine through their mistaken thoughts of what beauty could be…

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