Industrialized people...

April 14, 2010
By BrokenLoose BRONZE, A Small One, Other
BrokenLoose BRONZE, A Small One, Other
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You have probably seen them working day and night in crowded offices, or maybe walking down the street with their heads bent down, holding a heavy suitcase and a black agenda under the arm. You have probably noticed them in a restaurant... those scornful, ever disappointed faces that expect everything to be perfect. They’re everywhere! You couldn’t have missed them. They have colonized our world a long, long time ago and spread their lifestyle to the point where they become the “poster children” of the 3rd millennium.
Their world is all about materialism & individualism, a very unfortunate combination which tends to devour the remaining scraps of their human nature. These “robotized” people split every tiny atom with the destructive urge of absorbing every particle, now matter how polluted it is.
Although they are too busy or too important to care about the environment, they DO live in a green world. Not an eco-green world, but still green... dollar green! A sticky, greenish, substance is running through their veins, drenching their brain in an ocean of vanity. Due to this new blood type, the industrialized people suffer from a rare form of amnesia, as they have forgotten all about their family, moral values, or self esteem. Yes! They DO NOT have pride! This may surprise you, because you often see them strutting on the street, forgetting to say “Hello!” “Please!” “Thank you!” “Excuse me!” , or any other “kind” (worthless) words. You should see them talking with their superiors! These people would do absolutely anything to get under their skin!
Love?! They see it as a necessity. They usually hunt their soul mates among the weak, the bored and the ignorant, so they could be in charge.
Although they are quite distant and behave rudely, we shouldn’t judge them. After all, they are only the slaves of an egocentric ambition. They don’t live in homes as they prefer locking themselves up behind concrete walls, where their cry for help cannot be heard.
They live in a world of numbers and charts... They live a nightmare and if they don’t wake up soon, that’s exactly the way they’ll end up: an insignificant name on a death certificate, an extra number which increases the mortality rate.

P.S. I’m not a native English speaker so I would appreciate any suggestions! Thank you for understanding!

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