ESPN Launches 3-D Network

April 14, 2010
By Super man SILVER, Noodle, Wisconsin
Super man SILVER, Noodle, Wisconsin
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ESPN is launching a live 3-D network on June 11th 2010. This network will broadcast live sporting events in 3-D. The first event that ESPN 3-D will broadcast is the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

"ESPN's commitment to 3D is a win for fans and our business partners," George Bodenheimer, president of ESPN and ABC Sports, said in a news conference. "ESPN 3D puts together great programming with new technology to enhance the fan's viewing experience and puts ESPN as the only network to have this therefore putting ESPN higher over all other sports networks. ESPN plans to have 85 different sporting games and events over the next year including the January 11, 2011, BCS bowls and a lot of other college football games, college basketball games, and ESPN's Summer X Games, according to ESPN.

Over the past two years ESPN has been practicing this new technology by showing Ohio State vs. USC football games in select theaters on USC’s campus to approximately 6,000 people.
There are however down sides to this, you may need a new cable/ satellite box to watch 3D. ESPN says it expects deals with distributors will be in place prior to launch.

Broadcasting live events in 3D comes at an extra cost. Locations where cameras are placed to capture a regular high-definition sporting event don't necessarily translate to a 3D broadcast. If simultaneously broadcasting in regular HD, ESPN needs to employ a second production crew, and different announcers, for the 3D telecast.

In 2010 the new 3D television came out which was developed by ericsson and it will allow you to watch 3D programs. This TV will display the 3D images on your screen in order to allow you to watch channels like the one that ESPN is going to launch in 2010. By 2015 somewhere around 80 million 3D TV’s are expected to be sold in the US, according to, this is a lot of televisions because this TV didn’t come out until this year.

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