Personality Matters

April 12, 2010
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I think that a lot of people expect you to act the race that you are and nothing else. What race you are shouldn’t reflect the music or the clothes, or even the people you hang out with. Everyone has a different personality and race should have nothing to do with it. The way people stereotype is ridiculous, not every person who is black listens to rap or talks slang. You should be able to express yourself without worrying about whether or not your acting “ your race”. I personally don’t care whether or not I act the race I am I just be myself and hope people accept me for me and if they don’t I don’t care.

It seems that high school and middle school is all about making sure you fit in the right crowd with the right people. Its never about just being yourself. Too many people don’t have the chance to do that because they are to busy trying to be someone else, because they’re scared that if they do people wont like them. That’s what makes high school difficult and hard to understand but the main thing is that if you truly be yourself you should be fine and shouldn’t have to worry who likes you and who doesn’t.

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