Standing Up.

April 16, 2010
There have been many times when I have stood up for something I believe in. I often stand up for my brother, my family, my friends. One particular time i remember, I was in third grade. My brother had just started school, he was in kindergarten. We were on the bus and all the high-schoolers were sitting in the back. Normally, my brother and i would sit at the front of the bus, but for some reason, this particular day, the seats were full. So, we were forced to sit in the back.

We quickly found our seats and sat down. Luckily, we got off at the third stop, so we wouldn't be on the bus too long. We pulled out of the school and started down the road. I tried to ignore the older kids as much as I could, but one boy, sitting directly behind of me was very hard to ignore. I turned around and glanced at him. He simply stared at me and laughed. I turned back around and saw my brother, staring intently at the boy. I told him not to pay attention to the boy, and he slowly turned around in his seat.

The ride continued and slowly the boy got louder and more gruesome with the things he was saying. I stood up and turned around. Clearly he didn't understand what i was doing, because he just laughed at me. But i stayed in my choice.

I told him he needed to be quiet, the things he was saying were very inappropriate for the age of the kids sitting around him. He just stared at me, and I told him to stop. His friends were laughing, but he was just staring straight at me. Suddenly my brother grabbed my arm and told me to sit down. I did.

The ride continued and i could still hear them talking, but I noticed they weren't saying the same things. I heard no bad language, no grotesque details.

When I got home that evening I told my mom what I had done. She was very proud of me, as I was of myself.

I'll never forget the look on that boy's face when a third grader told him what was right.

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