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April 8, 2010
By LuisManuel SILVER, Clewiston, Florida
LuisManuel SILVER, Clewiston, Florida
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The key difference between people that can get you to think and those that can get you to act is in the passion and truthfulness of what they are saying. When Martin Luther King Jr. stood in front of hundreds of people and told them all about his dream he not only inspired them to dream with him, he inspired them to march and take a stand because his speech was full of truth and hope. It gave people a reason to get off their bottoms and act on what he was saying. Still, to this day hundreds of people hear his speech or read it and are inspired, driven to act because his speech was more than just “good” words. His speech was real; it was true. It gave hundreds of Americans all around the world a new look on life, people, and how we should all treat each other.

Another great speaker, teacher, motivator was Jesus Christ. He also spoke truths that have inspired Christians all around the world not only to act in small matters, but to act in large ones as well and give their lives to the cause of truth and of saving and helping their fellow brothers. His words were backed up by his actions. He proved himself worthy enough to inspire action when he, himself, helped others and showed mercy and compassion like no other deity.

There are people who can do a great speech, but it is empty. It shows no promise of a better life, a better future. Imagine if Martin Luther King’s speech was great, but instead of marching or taking up a peaceful stand after his speech, he too would have fought with guns and killed the very dream he spoke about with hatred, prejudice and violence, then his speech, although great, would have been backed up with lies and deceit. It would have inspired no one to do anything. Imagine, for a second, if Jesus would have spoken of a better life, would have spoken of His love for us, but instead of giving His own life as ransom He would have insisted on you giving yours, then His speeches too would have been in vain, a lie, something that wasn’t proven to be beneficial, but proven to be fake and selfish instead of selfless.

Any speech that inspires anyone to act must be backed up by truth and selflessness. If you are a teacher who is giving your students the speech to succeed and become productive, educated, and meaningful citizens in this society, then you too should be a teacher that backs up your speech with meaningful, productive, and educative lessons that teach students how to achieve their dreams not only with words, but with actions. Likewise, a principal who gives teachers speeches on doing their best, he/she too must show the teachers his/her best. Great speeches that inspire someone to do something must be backed up by truths and actions in itself.

Cicero must have done a great speech, but obviously no one saw the truth behind his speech. Unlike Demosthenes who spoke and people responded by saying, “let’s march.” I wasn’t there in that era, but I am more than sure that leading that march was Demosthenes. I am thinking right now of President Roosevelt, those speeches inspired many Americans to look forward and work for a better America. This man was not only an excellent speaker who gave phenomenal speeches, he was a man who despite his shortcomings and disabilities proved himself worthy enough to run a country. He didn’t sit back and say, “poor me, I have polio, I can’t walk…” no he stood up for the challenge of becoming President, he ran for President and he won! There was truth; there was action behind his speaking. What good is it for you to try to get people to do something, when you have never accomplished anything in your life? Although your intentions are probably great, they have no foundation and they will more than likely not inspire anyone.

Aristotle inspired thoughts, he taught us how to be great thinkers, but speakers like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, President Roosevelt inspired a nation to act on what they spoke because their speeches had meaning, they had substance and most importantly they were backed up by truth!

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