Can't knock us down

April 5, 2010
By Anonymous

Times are harder than ever, people are losing their jobs, paychecks keep getting smaller, homes are no longer secure because you could lose it at any second, politicians are losing their articulate vocabulary by calling people stupid in heated debates, and worst of all hope,peace, and love are nowhere in sight. What has our world come to? We used to be a nation that fought for unity and respect but now we are fighting because it covers up the pain and agony of the state of our economy. Times like this should bring everyone together to make things better. Spreading encouragement to friends, family and even stangers will help us in our present danger. Ironically people fought for their lives to defeat race, bondage and unfair working conditions; they strived for the true meaning of America, but yet we are tearing it down and putting our own twisted definition on America. To me America means oppurtunity,freedom, diversity, culture,and businesses filled with people who bring their own individual personality to make up our country. Now I feel like America means hate, natural disasters, recession, and no hope. I want to SCREAM, AMERICA GET IT TOGETHER. Signs of relief should be showing from all the major people who we put our money and trust into to let us know that they are doing something to fix it, and trying to make it better. Of course it's going to take time as in years for something to actually change but they can help by working their butts off to fix it, and most of all by working together. Healthcare has everybody pulling out hair they didn't even know they had, but why are politicians ripping into each other and losing their senses shouting out crazy words to each other when they should be shooting out solutions. They need to come together and realize it's bigger than democrat and republican, black and white, it's simply the American people. Selfish CEO's who were oblivious to their own greed now need to realize that it's hurting a lot of people who put their money into banks and stocks by showing them that their customers money is going into their big paychecks and furnishing their top floor penthouse. The big leaders let us down in ways that we couldn't even imagine but t€he point of this is to keep us afloat. It seems like the only thing to do in our present economy condition is to jump on the CEO'S, the President, Congress and whoever else we fill deserves the blame but in actuality we can do a lot to make it better. We can be there for each other, we can spend less and cherish what we do have. Times don't have to be as bad as the news loves to let us think it is. We are America and as Americans we have a duty to be strong and be our own leaders even when the ones we appoint aren't acting like it. As Americans we are individuals, we are culture, we are the businesses, we are the money, and we are hope. Our future relies on who we put our money,trust and faith in, we as Americans make up the country. During this time we should just stand together, stonger and better than ever making a united front that refuses to let the hard circumstances take us down, because united forever as we live and die together.

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