April 5, 2010
By Anonymous

You walk into the computer lab at school late because you had to walk that morning. The sweat, dripping down the side of your face, you sit down. Your partners are watching you as you set everything on the floor, not a glare.
Not a smile.
You take a long time to log on, and as you do someone you have liked since the start of the year comes to sit in front of you. He didnt have a choice, he would've sat next to the straight haired beauty queen, but there were no seats left near her.
You try to start a conversation as your partner opens up the power point on teen cliques and how they affect others. The convo ends before the good part came, guess work was more important. There is something odd about the way your partner writes her sentences. You comment on the structure of the sentence and she sighs. Changing it until it makes no sense at all.
You comment again.
The annoyance spreads accross her face as she changes it to how you wanted, her eyes dull and tired. She turns to the other partner and asks questions excitedly about what else they should do to the powerpoint. You sit there in complete silence, trying not to speak, because you don't want to make your partner even madder. You don't get it, your eyes are heavy, you feel like crying. Your mind searches for an answer to your sadness but you can't find what you want. What's happening? You are mad and alone, invisible.
Something else on the powerpoint catches your eye, you ask for your partner to change it.
Oh,how stupid of you.
You promised yourself not to talk anymore.
Slowly the annoyance creeps over her face, be quiet.
Be quiet.
You sit for another minute or so before asking what you need to do. Make her happy.
That's all your living for right now.
Anger can't find it's way to your mind at the moment. The words "Loser" deafen all your thoughts.
How i felt this morning...

The author's comments:
This morning I felt so hollow and so invisible, that every thought was ended with an echo.

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