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April 1, 2010
By love_happiness BRONZE, Chilton, Wisconsin
love_happiness BRONZE, Chilton, Wisconsin
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Imagine this; you are walking down the street and you see a young girl being beaten and yelled at. A little later down the road you see a homeless person on the street playing music on a drum just to make an extra dollar or two. Do you say anything? Do you keep walking? Do you want to get involved? What would you say? You dont know the story behind any of this. You are just one person, how could you help make a difference? Well you can make a change by just doing a few simple things. 1) No more negativity. Negativity surrounds us in our daily lives. It seems as though someone always has something negative to say but hardly ever something positive. Next time you have a negative thought, think about a good thing that is going on in your life. When you hear someone talking negative, just tune it out or encourage them to change the way they are being. 2) Give someone who is feeling down a compliment. Have you ever noticed someone who just seems to be having a really off day? Well then lift their spirits up by saying "your hair looks very nice today!" or "is that a new shirt? i love it!" Just something so simple can really brighten someones day. And 3) Focus on the future. Why live with regrets or constantly reminiscing about the past when you still have a life ahead of you. What has happened, happened. There is no changing it or bringing it back. If it is a good memory, create many more. If it is a terrible memory, stop thinking about it and think about how you can try to prevent the same mistake from happening again. These three steps may not seem like much, but if everyone does it, imagine how much of a happier place this world could be.

The author's comments:
I challenge you to try these Three Steps to a better world, person, and life!!! =)

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