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March 29, 2010
By Howler GOLD, Cerritos, California
Howler GOLD, Cerritos, California
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"Life is not abut the number of breaths you take but about the moments that take your breath away"

We are the next generation to become adults and we have to be smart for the ones who come behind us because we make the foot prints in the sand, the younger kinds only trace them. Some people may think that its stupid to follow someone else, but I believe the saying goes “What monkey see-monkey do” Seriously, if everyone jumped off of a building and killed themselves that would be the new fad and suicide percentages would rise dramatically. It’s dumb but true, my nieces and nephews are five and younger and they know every word to a rap song or quotes from a movie, but they do not know what they learned in class that day. The important things are starting to decrease and it’s up to us to change the daily routine, if not us then who else? I don’t want this world to turn into a hip hop generation where boys and girls lose respect for themselves so they ruin lives of others because misery loves company and it’s been done so many times. Why not stop here? Why trash the world with cuss words and drive-by shootings and gangs when we could collaborate together, help find cures and get people off the streets. What’s more important? You decide.

The author's comments:
The worlds changing and going downhill, boys and girls aren't into video games anymore, why not? All this rap music and crap soon cartoons will go off air! Its true.

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