Meth's deadly embrace

March 22, 2010
By Anonymous

All across America and the world Meth use is becoming a bigger problem each day. More and more people use it and get addicted to it. In 2009 alone over 300,000 people admitted to using or knowing someone else who uses Meth on a daily basis. This is absoloutly terrifying to me. In my High school I personally know 25 people who use Meth and who refuse to stop even when their family and friends beg them to. I have pleaded with these people and they still use as if I never said a thing. These is a lot of programs devoted to stopping Meth use all across the country such as The Montana Meth project which I myself am part of. These programs are making a huge difference and helping lower the amount of new users each year and yet it is still nothing compared to how many people still use Meth. In the course of a single day you can lose control of your entire life because of Meth. Your friends become strangers to you, your family is always bothering you, your bf/gf is leaving you. All because of one little syringe. All because of Meth. Your life is no longer yours and Meth is to blame. Follow the creed Meth: Not Even Once.

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