March 11, 2010
By Anonymous

The dark shadows of cheating.

As our years drone on, past the ages of our century. We run through the world seeking our own fame and mark in history. As the philosophers and scientists had with their fascinating discoveries and inventions. In our everyday lives we are faced with decisions on what we will do. For students, we may face the facts of cheating on a test, for a married couple who are unhappy face on if they would cheat on their spouse, and for the president and senators of the state if they will steal money and cause controversial problems because, of their cheating and laws. Cheating ruins our lives as we know it. It needs to be stopped by ourselves.

For example, “Students in college are obligated to write a persuasive essay as of one student decides to reword another essay and submit it to the teacher, inconsequentially the teacher finds out and the student is expelled.” (Callahan, 91) This shows that, as young as students and young adults are we are still faced with other the harms of cheating and how it can result to a less brighter future just because of one mistake. In addition, a man is in a relationship knowing he is no longer happy decides to cheat on his wife, as a result the wife and kids are hurt and are divorced.” (Bad relationships 2) This shows that when cheating it ultimately doesn’t just hurt you it hurts everyone around you, this includes the children let alone you wife. It ruins the relationship between the kids and the foundation from their parents.

For example, “After Fairfax County police officials learned last week that questions on the upcoming promotional exam had been leaked, an officer stepped forward and admitted that he had cheated on the last exam, given in 2006, casting a cloud over the 30 officers promoted to sergeant in the past three years, according to the law enforcement sources.” This shows that the consequences of cheating may lead to loosing a job for a living, money to support the family and a less brighter future. Some men and families suffer together and strive to make a living. Thus, the children of the family must go through changes in their education status and social changes. Some citizens must find other jobs and be turned down for a situation and mistake that have been paid for a long time ago.

For example, in other countries across the world and other countries a president and or senator is cheating with the voting ballots in their country, thus ending up with the senator or president as the winner. As their time dissipates they make the lives of their citizens unlivable. This shows that, in some cases cheating can lead to higher levels. The cheating and lies that some can do are illegal and turn a steady nation to a unsteady economy leading towards a downfall.

Everyone in the world is no one new to the figures of cheating. Some may do it unwillingly, some on purpose and some through incognito. We all are embarrassed of our dreadful weaknesses. We ask ourselves, “ Must we be faced with unnecessary problems when we ourselves have the key to a more successful future and our end to discord.” Together we will learn to stop cheating and our ha-nus problems. Together we can change not just America but, the world.

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this piece inspires me :)

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