The Exposed Influence

March 2, 2010
By Marcella BRONZE, Longpond, Pennsylvania
Marcella BRONZE, Longpond, Pennsylvania
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Bob Dylan
A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall

Being in the year 2010 we are suppose to be more developed and more inspiring to the youth of today. The youth of today will grow up and become who they are. But it is hard to create a good tomorrow when the women today that are on the red carpet are winning awards for their movies where they are completely exposed. Seeing this in the movie theater or on television is scaring for a young girl. It influences them for all the wrong things. Though, in most horror movies the girl or woman who keeps her clothes on survives, there are still many breasts shown on the television screen. When all the men and boys in society see these women that aren't natural but are made up of plastic and have become how they look by going through dangerous and risky surgeries, they expect that the rest of the women should look like this. I'm a natural looking girl at the age 14 and i have been influenced by the women in society greatly. I feel like i am expected to have a beautiful body and face with no flaws. And when i know that i am not, i start to feel low about myself and feel very self conscious. If it isn't hard enough to be taunted by the perfect women on television, you have the boys in school bringing out your imperfections even more. If you don't have a big bust you will be noticed for that, not for how you have straight A's or that you are a math whiz.
Many people like horror movies, but in just about every single horror movie you are bound to see a naked women in it. It seems that the story line of the horror movie isn't strong enough or as well put together but would sell more if there was nudity in it. In movies i would much rather go and see a movie with a great story line rather than a movie where i see woman being helpless and naked. Now in days, it makes me wonder what happened to the saying "keep them guessing"? I'll never forget when my 7th grade teacher telling this one girl in my class, who had a very low cut shirt on, to keep the boys guessing on what is under the shirt. But since every other movie has a topless woman in it, the guessing is gone and now it makes the boys our age want to see it in person more. When the boys in our grade and ages want it, they may pick out the girls with low self esteem, and influence them greatly to get what they want. To pursued the girl more the boy will say that he will "love" her after the action. I know many girls who have fallen for this, i myself have before. Not many of them ever really stay with you. And the "love" they say they will give to you will not ever be granted by flaunting yourself.
Where is the dignity in these woman? It is great that these women have beautiful bodies but they should save it for their husbands for their boyfriends, not for the rest of the world to see. How would their mothers feel? Is it really an honor to have a director to ask you to take your clothes off on camera so that men and boys around the globe can be impressed by your body for a few minutes but then just move on to the next naked body on screen seven minutes later? Is that a good trade for your own dignity? i feel that my body is not something to be flaunted, but it is a gift that i should hold for my husband to be or boyfriend. I see more and more girls in school hurting their backs by trying to stick out their bust and back sides for more attention. It makes me sad to see that they are damaging their own spines to by trying to look like they see on the big screen, when those woman have gone through risky and dangerous surgeries to look like they do.

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