What will history say about us?

February 27, 2010
As I was reading through my history book, I had a sudden epiphany. What will history have to say about my generation? As I write this I continuously scratch my head for ideas because I do not know how to approach this question. History often repeats itself it is not remembered. So where does that live my generation. Will the history books be filled with a monologue about Barack Obama, the iphone, medical discoveries and inventions, homosexuality rights, completion, materialistic items, the horrible economy, the unfortunate increase in crime and death rates, facebook, twitter, and myspace? Will history be able to capture what defines the generation or will it be overshadowed by immense numbers of bad news. Will our generation be classified as the more aware group (in terms of spreading democracy, civilization, and help to other countries)? Are our motivations and actions wrong? Are we making an impact on society? The question what will history say about us transforms into what do we want history to say about us. We are the authors of our history book. Everything we write or do is written in pen and cannot be erased. We are the impact and the influence.

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