Hello Jim Crow, I'm Amina

February 26, 2010
And I'm black. You know normally when someone says that now a days people don't usually pay it any mind. Or maybe they do but they don't always go out and blurt it out. I don't know if people still realize it but racism still exists. And here we are in the 21st century where we have laws that say being black is okay, and we get the same rights and all that jazz. The Jim Crow laws have passed away, and whites and blacks, and hispanics, and asians, can live peacefully. I mean this is America. Well Id like to think of it that way, that being black, or any minority for that matter isn't a problem. I would like to think that people could suck up seeing one of us going to school with them, working in the same department store, or having a loving family thats biracial. But lately all I have been seeing is hate towards it. Funny how that works. How people still seem to be caught up in the "race card." Here we are in 2009, with a black president, and we still are looked upon as inferior, and that some person with lighter colored pigmentation (who usually gets more sunburnt) is better then us. At least thats how I am seeing this.

Forgive me for calling those out who embrace us, and love us, and accept us. This doesn't go out to you. But this does goes out to the ones who still believe that Jim Crow laws should exist. Pardon me to the ones who think that just because I am black I'll depend on welfare, and my side job is going to be a prostitute. Forgive me for believing that I as a African American in the type of society we have am not limited to what I want to be, nor what I will be. Excuse me for not sitting on the back of the bus, and sharing the same classroom as you, and believing that we have a "God" who loves all colors. Excuse me for all the the things I believe our country has been trying to move away from. And I am sorry you are displeased. I am sorry that to some people we are as beautiful with almond eyes, instead of blue. I am sorry that to some we are not yesterdays trash, and just because we may be Chinese or Japanese doesn't mean we don't get the English language.

It tickles me to think that we, we implying America are still filled with what I call racist descendants that think America should shut us (us being the non white people) out from they see as THEIR country. So much more people now a days accept us, and what I have trouble getting in at is why can't a lot more people get their heads out of their butts and see it to. I know people who have faced the whole quest for freedom in what we call Civil Rights, and frankly I applaud them. They are some of the most heroic people in my eyes. They make it work loving the skin I am. And I am glad things have changed. And to those who think otherwise, or may be against what I am saying here, then maybe you should take a step back in the mirror. Because when I see me, I see beautiful, I see that girl is going somewhere.

Oh and to Jim Crow,

Just to let you know I'm Amina. I'm black. And I am Proud.

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mileycyrus4evrr said...
Jun. 2, 2010 at 6:34 pm
amina, i cant say that i can relate to you, but your story really touched me.  there is no reason for there to be any racism, in any form, nor should there have ever been.  racism is wrong, and i think that your story can relate to many, MANY people.  just remember......."YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY, AND WORDS CANT BRING YOU DOWN." ~love you all~
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