what you see when you look in the mirror

February 26, 2010
By Reds#5 SILVER, Eaton, Colorado
Reds#5 SILVER, Eaton, Colorado
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When you look in the mirror I know what you see because the cocky attitude you wear as neat as the shirt on your back is and only is like looking through a sparkling freshly cleaned window with the curtains pulled open. So now knowing this take a look in the mirror again do you like what you see? I can tell you what is there what is really behind the attitude you wear. Why? Because I know you I live you everyday accept for a few most recently. So let’s discuss this together what is there in the mirror right now its better just to accept it as it is this should be easier on a level now knowing that you’re not the only one. Red velvet. The kind of red that is pulsing through your veins this very moment the kind so deep and purely red its almost black thick and heavy creates the curtain over your face that hides your true feelings, the emotion and pain that you don’t dare to reveal to anyone and face the questions of what’s wrong what happened are you ok. With each strand of once so curly hair. Now just a tired wave from being stressed and straitened flawless to perfection not a hair out of place because it is the key to secrets it holds them tight but eventually it becomes frayed and the secret splits multiplying each separate strand. Eyes of grey with the depth and feeling of a sky right in the middle of a storm the clouds rolling over and turning darker as the storm increases they are the windows to the soul. That reveals pain and fear actions that others wouldn’t dare look deep enough inside to see. Eyes that have seen the pain of 1,000 people and felt the lies of 1,000 more. Pale and still not daring to move the lips are the door to the mind and soul keep locked by a lost key that contains the ability to unlock true opinions and thoughts less than happy none the less sane. Truth is written across worn tired skin under the curtain written across high cheekbones and a less than strong nose engraved in the skin deep to only roll over and heal as a scar still contain the truth deep within the skin. The soul and mind desperate to break out be free to express themselves fully. Now is the image changing can you see the truth yet. Or still the mask in front of the curtain that hides the truth and makes you more nausiouse then anything you have ever seen because it is the one thing you hate the most the thing that is unforgivable in your words yet you wear it so well a lie.

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