A dandelion.. or a Rose? A weed.. or a Treasure

February 25, 2010
By BarelyHoldingOn BRONZE, Hobbs, New Mexico
BarelyHoldingOn BRONZE, Hobbs, New Mexico
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Stand for something or you'll fall for Anything

Actions weigh so much more than words. If you say you're "different"... PLEASE stop trying to be someone else. A Red Rose in the midst of dandelions is STILL a Red Rose. We were meant to stand out. Not shed our beautiful petals for temporary, dandelion dust that will soon float away.. then what's left of you..??... Just a withering stem of The Rose you were Made to be.

Dandelions are a nuisance.. they contaminate beautiful gardens, fields, and lawns. They also reproduce at rapid rates. With hardly any effort whatsoever. A rose has to be planted, fed, nurtured, pruned, and cared for. And as it grows it develops prickly thorns.. so those that just grab it.. are harmed. But those that carefully watch it.. observe it.. can see where the thorns are, and they learn how to handle it carefully.

Where a Rose is found, beauty is found. Artists attempt to capture that Beauty, in painting layer after layer, shading, erasing, and repainting once again.. to make the perfect, luscious color of the rose. People marvel at it's color.. it's uniqueness. Meanwhile, Dandelions are found in only plain sketches. Almost never in any color, but in plain black and white.. or Sepia.

A single Rose can be given away, as a simple token of love.. or put together in a bouquet, As another way to show one's love. They bring a smile, a warmness, to one's Face and Heart. They have a pleasant fragrance that we often stop to smell, soft velvety petals, that we often stop to touch.
Can you gather a bunch of dandelions before the seeds float away? (like fake people.. with fake thoughts.. or NO thoughts at all) Can you smell a fresh fragrance?? Do you stand in awe of it's beauty?

Why try to be a dandelion?? Just because those around you are dandelions...doesn't mean you have to mix in. Just because it's more "popular" to be a dandelion... doesn't mean It's Better. Just because you are the only Rose amidst the dandelions.. doesn't make you ugly... or weird. It makes you... UNIQUE... DIFFERENT... BEAUTIFUL!!

Be glad to be an outcast among the weeds! See you're worth! That you're much more valuable and TRUE. When you stand among plain, stinky dandelions... Is when You(The Rose) stand out the most. Your beauty shines through. Treasure your Rareness, your Beauty. Grow into A beautiful Rose Garden... Prosper. Let those that see you rejoice in your beauty. Let them smile at the reminder of God's beautiful creation. Let yourself be a gift to others. Let your meaning...

Be a Meaning of LOVE <3

The author's comments:
Growing up, I have felt like I was an outcast.. or like I didn't fit in. I've never been one to follow the crowd.. wear what everyone else wears.. or listen to the music everybody listens to. I KNEW I was unique.. But I also knew I had flaws.. I struggled with hating myself.. No matter what I did though.. I couldn't accept myself. No matter how many people would tell me how pretty I was.. or How talented I was. I just couldn't get over my imperfections. Recently, I have discovered that I am so much more than what I ever imagined! Because of Jesus Christ :) He loves me more than anybody ever could. He is who gives me my worth and my happiness.

Just because you're different.. or people don't like you.. because they're JEALOUS... doesn't mean ANYTHING!! We are made to be different. Like Roses.. among a world of Dandelions.

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on Mar. 8 2010 at 5:28 pm
naturelover123 BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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Good comparison. This article makes me feel proud of who I am.

Margo BRONZE said...
on Mar. 8 2010 at 10:51 am
Margo BRONZE, Fort Dodge, Iowa
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"The writer writes in order to teach himself, to understand himself, to satisfy himself, the publishing of his ideas, though it brings gratification, is a curious anti-climax." Alfred Kazin

I'm a rose with maybe one too many thorns. Hey, sometimes you got to draw blood to get a point across. The dandelions don't really like me. They at least respect me, because I won't push, but I won't be pushed. Some dandelions outright hate me. Fortunately, roses are stronger than dandelions and not so easily forgotten.

on Mar. 8 2010 at 9:06 am
Faith-Morgan BRONZE, Cochranville, Pennsylvania
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that was really good! i always say people who are different are the ones that you can trust. I also like how you used a rose and a dandelions.That was very creative!


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