Who are "We"?

February 23, 2010
By a$hELYx3 BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
a$hELYx3 BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
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Who are "We" to say what love is, Love can be shown in any way, shape or form. So that being Love is Love Right? So who are "we" to judge on who someone loves? People say "god" said it's wrong to be gay, But also "god" said its wrong to judge. All sin is offensive to god, and if all sin is offensive than who are "We" to judge on just one sin of homosexuality. By judging we just formed an opinion, "we" decided it's wrong. So you may not accept the fact someone's gay because it's a "Sin" but you by judging them; so you just commited a sin yourself. A sin is to commit an offense against god. So does that mean we can pick and choose which sin is offensive? Love is love, theres no other way to put it. I understand that god says "A man shall not be with another man" But out founding Fathers said We have a right to persuing happiness. Being able to be comfortable with who you are deep down is hard enough. People dont need the work to judge and stand against them, because people think it's wrong. Love has no deffition. So can anyone tell me what's so wrong? Why cant the world accept gay people? Homosexuality is not just a choice to some it's a way of living. So look in mirror before you judge a gay person, or anyone. You may think they are wrong, But in the end you are.

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