Easy To Start Hard To Stop

February 23, 2010
By nickbatt23 BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
nickbatt23 BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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There are many things that people can be addicted to. Most people can be addicted to drugs and alcohol. Many actors such as Charley Sean are using drugs to relieve the stress he has in the T.V. industry. Charley Sean has been known to drink and abusing his wife. What people should know is that drugs and alcohol can ruin one’s life and goals you have set for one’s future at a young age. What is bad is the fact that thirty percent of the world is on drugs or is drinking alcohol to get rid of the problems one has in life. Drugs and alcohol do not only affect your future they can also affect one’s body and mind. Alcohol and drugs can cause somebody to be high or drunk and hurt or kill somebody. It is bad that people do not think before they do drugs and drink because they won’t know what it will do to them most of the time and can affect their mind and body.

The best ways to avoid drugs and alcohol is to learn about what they can do to you. Then get advice from other people but, most people will give bad advice to younger people and get them in to drugs or alcohol. Also you can learn from someone else’s mistakes of drinking and abusing alcohol and drugs. Before you do drugs you should think about your life ahead of you and what could happen to all of your goals and dreams. Drugs and Alcohol can also change your personality and the way you act towards other people and possibly hurt other people. For example there was a baseball player Mark Maguire that used steroids. Mark wanted to be famous by make more home runs and making more money than he already did. When the couch and the media found out about Mark Maguire they excluded him from the baseball hall of fame. Mark did not know that the steroid’s he was taking were illegal. The couch decided that they would disregard his steroid us and put him in the hall of fame.

Addictions are not always to Drugs and Alcohol they can be to lots of other things like video games. Kids are most likely to play the most video games. Most kids every day after school and before school play video games. Kids sometimes act in this way to avoid the bad things going on around them or they might just have a big addiction to video games. Kids who play video games before and after school do not do their homework and do not get an education because they are procrastinating.

Drugs and Alcohol are not the only things bad for you but also cigarettes and smoking are very bad for you as well. Smoking is very bad for your lungs and can shorten your life span. It is one of the hardest addictions to stop. Most people think that smoking would help with stress and help them lose weight according to Teen Ink.com. It has become an addiction around the world and too many people. It is a terrible way to pollute the earth because cigarette buds are being thrown out of cars and thrown in random places. Cigarettes are bad for teens under 18 years old because it can affect their life dramatically because; it might cause asthma or many other symptoms.

It is a true fact that when you start drinking alcohol, doing drugs or smoking you should especially know what they will do before your future ahead of you or the great life you already have as well as someone else’s gets ruined but, above all think before your life or someone else’s is all gone.

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