Theft has to Stop!

February 23, 2010
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Theft has to stop!

Forty years ago, my dad was out with his brother and parents one night when they came home to their house. When they pulled into the driveway, something didn’t seem right. At the same time, they noticed that the front door was slightly cracked open and a couple of lights were on. Immediately, my grandpa ran inside and all of their drawers were open and items were scattered around on the floor. At that point, they realized that they had been robbed!

Burglary, a hot topic on the nightly news, is a big problem in our community, city, state, country, and around the globe. According to Bureau of Justice Statistics in the United States, “40 percent of annual household burglaries are not forced entries, meaning that the criminal was able to walk, crawl or climb inside of houses almost as easy as if the owner left a key in the door.” Criminals take advantage of careless people who forget to lock their locks.

Since the economy is really bad and people are losing their jobs, they don’t have enough money to support their families or themselves. That encourages people to do desperate things like stealing, and being dishonest to themselves and/or their families. According to the U.S. Law enforcement Assistance Administration, the most commonly stolen item is cash. The second most commonly stolen items according to the same source are tools, building supplies, and home furnishings such as T.V.’s, stereos, and cameras.

“To access these “easy target items” most burglars kick down the front door because the weakest point in a wooden door is the lock strike plate,” according to Feeling unsure on breaking the door down, the second easiest place for a robber to gain access to a home are through first floor windows because if an air conditioner isn’t nailed down properly then the burglar can just push it in and crawl in the window. Many people forget to also lock their windows whether they are in or out of their house.

The burglar, a dangerous criminal, will try anything to get into your house and/or apartment. To prevent break-ins, make sure that you have the proper equipment on your doors, windows, and garages. Many home robberies can be prevented by adding a pick resistant storm door and/or a dead bolt to your front door according to A couple of other useful ways to make sure that your house isn’t targeted by burglars is to get an outdoor entry light so it illuminates your house at night, and to keep your bushes trimmed. Although, a way to prevent auto break-ins is to keep valuables hidden like a cell phone, IPods/mp3 players, car and/or house keys, brief cases, laptops, and garage door openers so that burglars don’t have a reason to break in. These methods and equipment are also smart for big and small windows and garages.

According to the Burglary Protection Council, most house break-ins on average happen in the summer time between the months of June through August. It is a popular season for this type of crime since it is so hot outside, people carelessly leave there back doors and windows open to let the air in, and a lot of people take a vacation away from home. It easy for burglars to recognize when people are away because of the newspapers left in their driveway, the overflowing mail in their mailboxes, and the lights inside the house do not ever change. It is important for homeowners to change their routine so it does not become predictable. Some burglars go as far as watching funeral notices and weddings in the newspapers to see when individuals will be away.

If you ever are home while someone breaks into your home, don’t go to investigate. Burglars usually want a short quick in and out break-in because the longer they are in your house, the more likely that someone will see them. Go to the nearest safe room whether it is a bedroom, bathroom, or a closet with a lock on the inside. If there isn’t a lock, barricade yourself into that room. Keep as quiet as possible. Take a cell phone with you into that room so that you can call for help. Let the burglar take whatever he wants at the time. You are NEVER supposed to challenge or taunt the burglar.

Will it ever be possible to stop people from stealing? No, but we can reduce the likelihood of theft and break-ins from happening by becoming more aware and educated. If you follow the tips listed in this article and form a neighborhood watch association the chance of break-ins will plummet dramatically. If we all act responsibly with our belongings and property, we will less likely be a victim of theft.

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