Is a dog's bark really bigger than it's bite

February 23, 2010
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Did you know that 77.5 million dogs are owned by Americans? It's surprising how many people have them. 67% of people in America own dogs according to The Humane Society of the United States. You have a 1 in 50 chance of getting bit by a dog yearly! There are so many dog owners who don't know how much danger they're in. When you’re done reading my essay, you might have a completely different way of thinking when you’re around dogs.
According to, 2% of the US population is bitten by a dog every year. Now you are probably thinking, “2%, big deal.” But really, that’s about 4.7 million people! Now rethink that. Then I’ll tell you that the chances of a dog biting a small child are 3.2 to 1. Now what do you think? You’re probably thinking, “That’s terrible.” And you are right, it is!
Now, you probably want to know whose dog is the attacker. You might be surprised, but the dog is almost always a family or close friends’. These dogs, who people take for granted, normally aim for one place: the face. Bites to the face by dogs are 5% of the emergency room visits a year! Now what do you think about them?
When you get up in the morning and let your dog outside to do it’s “business”, think for a minute. Can my dog get away? Would they try to escape? Would they ever hurt someone? Now I know everyone doesn’t just stick them out there, but if they’re on a leash, am I holding on tight enough? According to, over 50% of dog attacks happen on the dog’s owner’s property. Does that make it your fault? Or is it the person who was on your property’s fault? I believe that would be anyone’s opinion.
Where do all these attacks happen? Did you hear that there was a vicious attack in Eagleville, MO. and a terrible dog accident in Whittier, California? Attacks can happen anywhere to anyone. But do you know what dogs attack? I mean I know all dogs can hurt you, but there are some that attack more. Yeah, I know, it’s amazing. These breeds are Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. What a shocker! But seriously, this is important to know. Furthermore, if you see one of these, you should be more attentive. And you should be careful with all dogs.
But listen, not all dogs are bad. But they all aren’t good either. You can’t just observe one and determine from their “looks” how they are going to act with you. If you want to do that, you are putting yourself and everyone else in danger. Dogs are very protective of themselves and their family or “pack.” They will go to whatever level it takes to defend someone they love. This is similar to humans. But not as deadly, though. Typically, humans don’t bite and claw when they feel threatened (Although I have considered it before.) Dogs react violently, but their owners don’t always understand their actions. The only problem left is can we control them?
Well, have I changed your mind? Are you questioning that first thought you had about dogs? Perhaps you are still thinking the same? Well you can be thinking any of those as long as you’re thinking about being careful with dogs and know that they can be dangerous. Dogs are like a weapon. When they attack you, it can be critical. And if you lose control of them, matters could be worse. So from now on, you know that dogs can be dangerous and even though they may look cute and harmless, they might not be. If you haven’t learned anything in this essay, then start over. Otherwise, remember the dangers of dogs.

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