February 13, 2010
As I walked through my community library, titles of books popped in my head. I grabbed a book with the title, "Mythology." I whispered, "I like mythology. Atleast someone had the courtesy to call their belief not real. It's illogical." I am only 13 years old, so my 21 year old cousin (who is shorter than me) told me, "You're opinion doesn't count. YOu're only a kid." I laughed. Then replied, "I don't care whether YOU don't count my conceptions. My thoughts can be somewhat important compared to yours and I'm barely in the middle of puberty. Age isn't included in what someone's opinion is."
Yes I can speak as if I was intellectual adult. I am a complete nerd who read the whole dictionary and thesaurus for fun. I read very often, so my vocabulary has increased at a faster rate than many my age. When I choose to express my opinion, either the adults do not understand me or they do not acknowledge my voice. I somewhat blame school systems. My school has very unhealthy choices to serve at lunch, many of us have extra curricular activities so it is hard to finish 3 hours worth of homework, and we learn to slow.
I was practically raised on television at my grandmother's where she didn't have many books. I learned many things on TV that helped me in school. I understood situations that any adult was in. I didn't watch the kid Tv shows that was age appropriate. I watched the news and other programs many wouldn't find a six year old to be watching.
So, when someone my age actually hears what I have to say, they don't understand me or they consider my suprisingly intelligent. I normally do not talk like this because many of my peers do not understand me. So, I speak as any other teenager and no one really knows I'm smart unless they really get to know me.
Now I ask, shouldn't every child my age speak as I do in this article? However, I think since many don't talk as I do, adults consider us not really important to speak in general. Most adults cannot talk the way I do unless they are a teacher, or in some medical or educational PhD mandatory institute. I hear adults that have regular schooling and they talk exactly every one of my friends. My adult family members mostly spell like my friends who can barely spell full words because of constant texting.
I feel this site encourages youth's words and voices. It would be nice if not only teens were reading other teen's writing, but adults reading our writings as is our voices were important as everyone elses.

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green-eyed-angle said...
Feb. 28, 2010 at 2:17 pm
I know what you mean. people my age do not understand me that well when i talk to them the way i like to talk and I feel like i have to dumb my self down for them
humanity_vs._reason said...
Feb. 20, 2010 at 1:59 pm
Remember: you want both quality of vocabulary and quality of content. If you have something to say and can utilize both, the world will linger on every word you say. Yet, be careful not to sing praises of yourself, because she who thinks she knows everything forgets to learn, but she who accepts she knows little never stops learning. Never allow yourself to forget that, and even the stars will be amazed at how high you can soar.
MiaAngel replied...
Feb. 24, 2010 at 9:06 pm
Thank you:)
nooxygen said...
Feb. 16, 2010 at 8:49 pm
very nice.
and your right.
keep up the good work. =]
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