January 31, 2010
I’m inspired by someone I’ve never met, someone I may never know. I may never know their name, either, or how they look.
In California, there was this one boy. He was seen in an alley, smoking, in a gang. I don’t really blame him for going in a gang… turning to the bad side. His father had shot himself. And his girlfriend had been forced to marry at the age of 13. My cousin’s friend had introduced my cousin to the boy. They talked. But his old girlfriend, who was already married, called my cousin to stop hanging out with him. So… my cousin stopped. The next time she saw him he was in an alley, smoking, in a gang.
But later, my cousin called to see how everything was here. Somewhere into the conversation, the boy came up. My cousin told me she had seen him with a girl. But this time, he was not in an alley, smoking, or in a gang. That girl that he was with had shaped him up somehow, set him right. And I think it took a lot of courage and bravery for that girl to convince that boy that he was of some worth. She is my inspiration.

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