Raising the age one may get their license

January 22, 2010
By Ballasauce BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Ballasauce BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Raising the age that one may get their license is tantamount to putting a baby in jail for something their mother did. I am abhorred at this idea because I feel that it takes away from real experience on the road without a parent, it limits the fun experiences of teens who go out to have fun, and inconveniences families that may need an extra driver in the household. Experience on the road by one’s self is invaluable to young drivers and It teaches them what is right and wrong. It is a singular experience because it has a sharp learning curve and requires mental toughness at first. It also gives drivers experience before they’re 18 and out of the house and when they might not be able to get help from mom or dad. Teenagers just want to have fun, it alleviates stress and allows them to let loose. Where teenagers hang out most, are places like the mall, the movies, or restaurants. They can only get to and from there by driving and it is a major hassle for parents to drop off and pick up their kids every time they want to hang out. Perhaps a younger sibling has to get to their basketball game but mom and dad are at work, these types of situations are the ones where this idea of raising the license age limit may seem lamentable. Teens need to be able to get places and limiting that could possibly hinder development, so allow these teens to remain untrammeled by rules and regulations.

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