A Christmas Eve To Remember MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   The snow dances softly to the ground as the wind sings ita song. I sit at the bay window feeling the frosty air diffuse through the glass,which provokes me to curl my legs into my long red flannel nightgown with lacearound the neck. The Christmas tree stands behind me in the same place it doesevery year. It leans to the left, just enough to make you laugh, and the trainchugs around it in circles. I tune out my brother's horn blowing, but my fatherdoesn't as he walks in the room and gives him that "You better stop orelse" look.

Quickly, my brother stops to help my dad light the fire.My dad doesn't look too excited but he knows they go together like peanut betterand jelly, so he lets him help. I hear my sister singing in the other room but myattention is pulled away when I hear my mom tinkering in the kitchen. I know fromthe familiar sound that she is making her famous hot chocolate. She always usesher magic to make it, but she lets us add the marshmallows. Just thinking aboutit makes me feel warm and cozy. It also makes me feel safe knowing my family isaround.

I go back to staring out the window, wishing I could play in thefreshly fallen snow that has covered the footprints I left just hours ago. Thekettle blows and we are all called to gather on the couch to watch "AMiracle on 34th Street." My dad dims the lights and my mom brings in the hotchocolate and marshmallows, and the movie begins.

I sip my hot chocolate,but soon it hits me what this holiday is all about. It's not about Santa coming,or how much hasn't been done, as I always thought. It's about sharing time withyour family and stopping to get caught up in the moment. Feeling the overwhelmingcalmness wash over you and all of a sudden your stress is relieved. Sharing thejoy and happiness that gets pushed away during the busy year and just relax andlet everything go.

I lay my head on my mother's lap and begin to fallasleep. I remember Christmas Eves when I was little and sleep was the only thingI couldn't do, how I threw fits and thought Santa would leave coal, but neverdid. I look up to see my mother and father watching the movie and realize howlucky I am. I know they would die to save my life and will always be there whenthere is a challenge. Knowing this makes me feel safe and closer to them than anytime before, and I close my eyes, vowing to remember this Christmas Eve.

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