Courage, Honor and Sacrifice MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   In this world, it doesn'tmatter what people do or what they have, it's what they leave behind. The mostimportant thing they can leave is memories, and nothing makes a better imprint onothers than uncommon valor.

My grandmother told me a story about hercousin, Corporal Bustos, who fought in World War II. During Operation Overlordor, as it's more commonly known, D-Day, he and his fellow soldiers stormed thebeaches of Normandy. They knew that not all of them would see the sun set on theday. The horror they experienced is incomprehensible, but somehow they found thecourage to fight on. After that day the Allies had a firm foothold.

Fourdays later, on June 10, 1944, Bustos and his fellow soldiers met Nazireinforcements on their way to attack Omaha Beach. He and his men dug foxholesand when the two forces met, they engaged in a fierce battle. The Americans werebeing massacred, but if they had retreated, the Germans would have driven theAllies back into the sea.

Well, my grandmother's cousin ordered thecompany to retreat while he stayed and held off the enemy until help arrived.About an hour later, the Allies came with strong reinforcements. When they gotthere, his friends and those he'd saved saw him fall. He gave up his life so thatothers would live.

You see, everybody has fear. Courage is not the absenceof fear, but the power to overcome it. True courage is knowing you can't win butplaying anyway. Those he saved had the chance to go home and teach their childrenabout courage, honor and sacrifice.

This is dedicated not only to the menand women who sacrificed their lives so others might live, but also to those whohave the courage to do what is right.

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