It Doesn't Matter MAG

By Fabio V., Miami, FL

     Does it really matter what color your hair is? What race you belong to? I don't think so. I believe we all come from one root, one race, even though we are all unique. But we all have the same features. We all may speak a language or two different from others, but everyone's words are the same whether they are spoken in Hebrew, Chinese or English. If translated, we'd understand each other.

All we need in order to live better is world peace. Bringing peace to our hearts is how we'll bring peace to our earth because it is in the hearts that all wars begin. A heart may be filled with so much hatred that it gets to the point where it will explode and cause harm to itself and others. Hatred has become a part of everyone's life. It will always be there giving us company unless we learn to handle it.

Hatred is like a plague, and can only cause harm. If you can turn away from hating, you can make a difference. Hatred is an act of ignorance that will lead only to destruction of yourself, spiritually as well as physically. Don't let the ignorance of others get a hold of you, and don't let your heart get fooled by racism or discrimination. Do this, and we'll all make a difference.

The rest doesn't matter.

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Emiline SILVER said...
on Feb. 11 2010 at 6:58 am
Emiline SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
"When deep injury is done to us, we will never recover until we forgive. Forgiveness cannot change the past. But it does enlarge the future."- Mary Karen Read

This is a really wonderful piece. I agree wholeheartedly. Please keep writing, Fabio!


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