What Matters MAG

By Kaitlin B., Denton, TX

What matters most,
cannot be seen, heard, or tasted
But can be only be found deep inside.
What matters most,
can save a thousand lives
Or cause a million heartbreaks.
What matters most,

can make the richest man poor
Or the poorest man rich.

We have all felt it
with a soft smile or gentle kiss.
We have all held it
warming the palms of our hands.
We have all cherished it
deep inside our hearts where no other can reach.

What matters most,
melts away pain, anger and grief
And in its place
gives compassion, generosity and forgiveness.
What matters most,

is the simplest thing in the world
But is also
the greatest mystery of all.
What matters most,

is a mixture of all wonders
And given freely
for it is known as Love.

With it we can unite
to stop the devil from entering
our petrified souls.
With it we can save our spirits to

return to our one true Lord
who created us perfect in His image.
With it we can help anyone
spare no one
and trust everyone.
What matters most?
The love given easily by all children
that wishes to be a part of us.

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SEXYY said...
on Dec. 15 2009 at 8:05 am
SEXYY, Seneca, South Carolina
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