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January 11, 2010
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In the story “Juvenile Criminals must be tried as Adults” the author clearly states that children should be tried as adults for their accusable actions. For example, he tells us about two ten year-olds that brutally murdered a two year-old and were given minimal punishment and new identities. The courts decide that children shouldn’t be tried as hard because their moral standards aren’t fully developed and can be fixed. “So this means that one can pick and choose when they follow their moral compass”(wilde 1). The author disagrees with the court decision because human morals cannot be cured because they are inherent. In the story “Stop Trying 13 Year-Olds in Court as Adults” the author fights against the idea of children being tried as adults. In his case, fourteen year-old Kearie purposely shot and killed another juvenile while stealing his car. “The court tried her as an adult”(wilde 1). The author thinks that this is morally corrupt and children can be fixed. Because children are not fully developed they should not be punished as an adult. He thinks that after a child comes out of jail they are more damaged and aggressive than before they went in. Both stories confront and acknowledge the disadvantages and advantages of the situation of children being tried as adults. I think that if a child purposely murders another minor or an adult then they should be tried as an adult. They should if found guilty be sent away to juvenile dentition, but they should also get help for their issues. If a child that is charged for first degree murder and isn’t put away then the child will most likely end up murdering some one else. If they are tried as an adult and found guilty they will be sent to a state penitentiary. While there they will come out even more messed up then when they went in. if we let this happen to the children then we won’t accomplish anything because they will do the same exact things if not worse. This is why we need to try children as adults and not as minors.

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