Ghetto and Violence!

December 17, 2009
By meshaliah BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
meshaliah BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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Why do people live in the ghetto? I do not see why people live in the ghetto you can’t get anything out of the ghetto. The violence is bad. I do not understand why people commit violent acts. I think that people like to be violent because they think that it is cool.
In the book Freedom Writers, real teens write about their lives. If you have not read it yet you should it is a really good book. One teen in the book writes, “They might think they’re winning by jumping me now but soon enough, they’re all going down!” People think that violence is cool but really it is not. Some people just do that so that they can fit in. For example, why do people jump people? They think that they can get away with it. Violence is about people jumping people, or doing bad things.
I have experienced violence too. One day these people tried to shoot at my aunt and me. I was in her arms when that happened and I could have died at the age of 5. But luckily the bullet did not hit us. Violence Prevention Institute tells you ways that you can try to stay out of violence. You can try to get home before the street lights come on so that you can try not to get in trouble and bad things won’t happen to you. If you see someone getting bullied or anything you could tell an adult or a police officer.
Why do people like to live in the ghetto? I think some people like to live in the ghetto but others don’t. Some people don’t have a lot of education, money or any family. So if they were to get kicked out of their house they would not have anywhere to go says Dr. Ruby K. Payne. According to “Many people in poverty believe destiny and fate control their lives, and they might not think that they have a choice about where they live.”
There is nothing fun about the ghetto. I think that a lot of people should get together so that we can help out the ghetto. People should not get judged because of where they live. Because I do not think that it is right for people to be judged because of where they live. To avoid violence you could try to get home before the street lights turn on.

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