December 17, 2009
Gangs fill our streets every day. Each day members of hoods or sets are buried in graveyards. Every day people want to know why teens and young adults join this dangerous life style.

Gangs cause one of the biggest wars in the United States. They’re dangerous because they have guns and drugs. Gangs are formed by bullies that hang together and go around recruiting teens to live the life of gangsters. Some kids live in communities where gangs are rampant in teens’ lives. Sometimes kids join gangs from the influence of dumb music telling these kids to go join gangs and to kill. Peer pressure plays a role in this way of life. So does respect. Some feel that they have no choice because of family matters. In the Freedom Writers a book full of journals from real teens one writes, “These days with so many of our soldiers dying or going to prison it looks like we’re going to have to start recruiting.” I’ve spent years wondering why my dad and uncles spent years in a cage. I was amazed that they lived in a place filled with bad people. I was sad because I lost my little cousin to gang violence. It was hard not to see him on his birthday.
In the movie American Gangster Frank Lucas shot a man on the streets of Harlem and no one saw anything or heard anything. That’s because of respect and fear. That’s why teens join gangs and walk around thinking they’re big and bad. Because no one can stop them except a bullet. Even then they still get respect from all of their homies. Gangs are dangerous and stupid and it may cost you your life.

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