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December 10, 2009
Every kid has an athlete they look up to they want to be just like them. Well I hate to break it to you but there lives are not great. Kids need an athletic role model who is almost perfect. I fully understand every person on earth makes mistakes its human. But as a well known athlete you have to play fair. Most people have seen the YouTube video of the girl slamming the other girl to the ground by her pony tail. That maybe funny to little kids because as a young kid seen people get a little hurt is funny. Kids think if it funny they should do it. But they do not know that is not ok for anyone to do that, and with it being all over the news and YouTube most people saw it.

It also makes me mad when an athlete does something bad and they are all over the news, magazines, and the news paper like they won a Nobel Prize.

I was watching CNN one day and they were doing a report on how athletes are not up to parents standards. I would have to agree.

This is even a big problem even with my favorite NFL team. The Denver broncos, seven of their players were arrested for position of drugs or trafficking weapons into Colorado from other states.

Have you heard of the problem Tiger Woods is having with his wife. He claims he was just driving an crashed into a tree. His wife said she used a golf club to break out the back window to pull him out. Three days later they came out that his wife had been chasing him down the drive way with a golf club because they were fighting. Tiger was cheating on his wife, the girl had come out giving voice mails Tiger had left her.

Now he is trying to pay his own wife to stay with him, a million dollars just to stay with his own wife.

Do you want your kid growing up cheating on their wife a paying them just to stay with them. That is not what the best golf player in the world should go around doing. He just messed up his whole career because of one stupid thing he did, that should not happen. Kids are very dependant on athletes. An in their mind if an athlete does it its ok. Most kids might say that some famous athlete did it that is why they did it. No kid should ever say that and know that an athlete did do some thing so stupid a kid would do it.

In the end even though all these athletes are doing bad things and putting the wrong ideas in kids minds they are not all bad. John Elway has always played fair and the worst thing he has ever gotten was a speeding ticket.

Over all athletes need to grow up and follow the law, and be better role for kids. I am really disappointed in these athletes.

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swim4ever said...
Jan. 6, 2010 at 6:47 am
this was good but some atheletes are good role models i think you should of adressed some on that in our article but good job
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