Bad People

December 13, 2009
By , buffalo, NY
If you were to say someone was a bad person, why would you say this. How would you desceribe a bad person. They say that good men do bad things and bad men do good but who desides this. Who desides who's the good man and whos the bad man. How far does one have to go before he's just a bad man doing good. I'd like to meet the man who desides that line you have to cross and tell him off because he's wrong. Go up to 100 people and ask them if they believe in bad people, if they think they exsit, i quarentee 90 percent of them will tell you they believe in them. But then ask them if they can name someone that they know first hand that they believe is a bad person, and ask them to write that name down. You'll lose more then haft of those people who thought they believed in "bad people", why? Because most of those people will feel too guilty to write down a name and the other haft won't feel there reason will justify that person as being bad. So what about those names that people wrote down? Ask them why they think those people are bad. What makes them bad people. Some people have horror stories, rape, death, loved ones murdered, or just plain hurt by these "bad people". But what if i told you that that name on the list, the one thats a murderer, rapest, other hidious words, he's an addict. He's addicted to cocaine and when he commited those crimes he was so high he couldnt think straight. What if i told you he has a mental illness. What if i told you he had a terrible childhood. What if i told you before he commited this crime you now consider him a bad person for, he had spent the last 13 years of his life trying to be a father. What if i told you he still writes to he children from prison, and sometimes his daughter writes back. What if i told you he still prays everynight for forgivness that he doesn't believe he deserves. What if i told you his daughter prays too. What if i told you he's going to spend the rest of his life in prison, wishing he could be with his son on his 14th birthday, praying he could walk his daughter down the aisle. What if i told you he'll be alone for christmas, every christmas. Every bithday. He won't be there on his daughters wedding day. Now what if you believe he deserves this. That may be so, eye for eye i guess. He took a life away so he deserves for his to be taken a way. Does that make you a bad person though? That you believe a man deserves to go through a terrible life. Everyone who wrote down a name, if they really thought about it. Past that certain point. They start to feel guilt. But if you don't are you a bad person. You didn't kill anyone, he did though. He's going to hell right? You're not. Then theres some of us who don't think he's going to hell, he wants forgiveness so he'll get it. But oh wait, he's a bad person. His daughter doesn't think he is though. On her 16th birthday when her favorite gift was the the drawing of a rose she knew he'd given up the little ciggerettes and food he had to pay for, she sure didn't think he was a bad person. When she cryed as she read how he wished he could get her more, she never wanted more then to see him, she never missed him more then that moment. But still he's a bad person. So many others just like him. All bad people. Who deccides this? Its not his daughter, and no matter how much his ex wife "hates" him, she'd never call him a bad person. What if his daughter spents hours collecting pictures and writing a letter to thank her dad for that letter, but her dad never got that letter. What if prison guard decided he didnt deserve his mail today. The prison officials are good people though. This happens alot, they just decide not to give the inmates there mail. Their only connection to their families, some wait months for that letter. And the guard can just decide they don't deserve it, easy as that. They don't deserve the happiness it would have given them for days. The prison guards never prejudge an inmate, or treat them unkindly. Thats a joke. But hey, they deserve it right, we just estabilshed these are all bad people. Its funny though how these men who "control" the inmates are allowed to things just as disgusting as what could get them into prison. Bring a man in uniforn in front of a judge and its like its already been played out. Everyone knows you can trust a man with a gun, as long as he's got a badge and uniforn with a coffee stain. A boy in my sophomore studyhall said that he belived all long term sentences should be replaced with short tourturous ones. So why don't we do that? It'd save all of us our tax money. I mean we spend some 20,000 dollars a year per inmate, what good does that do us? All those prison officals, those good men, i wonder what they would think of this idea. I know not all of them would agree to this, part of me says none of them would. Part of me says that that boy who had this idea was influenced by his lack of life experience and that even though says this he really doesn't mean this. Part of me believes no one would agree with what that boy said. At first i know some people would jump for the idea, but if they saw the pain in the face of the inmates children and the guilt and sadness when you get each man alone they'd be against the idea. Part of me sees so much good in people that i'm blinded by it. Everyone of those good people. They can hate, but maybe they don't hate you. Everyone of those bad people. They can love, but maybe they don't love love you. I may be naive but i'll stand by anyone's good before i'd fall for society's bad. So ask those 100 people if they belive in "bad people" but trust me, they don't.

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