A Priceless Lifetime

December 4, 2009
By Anonymous

In today’s society, money is treated as if it were the only thing of any meaning in this world. The things people would do for money... On the other side, what about the people with more than enough money? Are these people the happiest people on earth? These people may or may not be. Bill Gates has enough money for his own good and is a happy individual. He uses his money towards making others happy, bringing along happiness for himself. According to the New York Times, “Gates donated over 21 billion dollars in grant money to education systems across the nation.” Now if an excess amount of money is what makes a person happy, then why is Bill Gates giving away his happiness? Giving to charity or someone who needs help can create a true feeling of happiness. The simple knowledge that your help was used and happiness was brought to others is more than enough to create satisfaction. While we have rich people who are happy with their money, we also have people with money and no happiness. Heath Ledger was an example of someone who had money without true happiness. After the greatest film of his career, he passed away due to an overdose of medication. The New York Times stated, “Mr. Ledger was found dead on the floor near the bed in an apartment that he had been renting. Police officials said that a bottle of prescription sleeping pills was found on a nearby night table. A month later, medical examiners said that the combined effects of six kinds of painkillers caused it.” If this is true, why wasn’t his money and fame enough to satisfy this man? All the money had no effect on how happy he was.
As students and young adults, helping others can be something as simple as giving them ride to school, listening when they need help, or just being a friend. We can enable ourselves to be happy by giving others some of the simple things in life. Donating food to charity knowing one may be enjoying a meal that they never before knew existed generates happiness inside you. True happiness comes from the heart. It is what you give to others and not necessarily what you receive. It is from seeing a smile on someone’s face and knowing you have been there for them, even in some small way. There are times that money does make things more convenient, but in the end it does not bring the joy of true happiness.

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