Libraries or Bust!

December 4, 2009
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A world with out libraries? Cold, hard, boring, sad. In communities all over Colorado, libraries are being shut down because the “Save Aurora Libraries” proposal or 4A didn’t pass. My family voted yes. Even with the extra taxes.

In one of Rod Sterling’s “Twilight Zone” episodes called “Time Enough at Last” he showed us just exactly that. The main character in the story, Henry Bemis, is a book worm who never has time to read. At the end of the story everything gets blown away by a bomb and all that is left is the library. He excitedly stacks books up to read, he settles down on some steps and bends over to grab his book only to have his glasses fall off and break. Poor guy was blind as a bat and couldn’t see anything. I believe this is exactly what it would be like to not have libraries. Frustrated, furious, forlornness.

I was wondering why this bond wouldn’t have passed so, I asked my mom. She told me that it was because people didn’t want the extra taxes with this economy. Even though all the money would be used on new books and media, the people of Aurora didn’t listen.

The results were closer than I thought. 20,797 people or 53.8 % citizens voted no. 17,858 people or 46.1% voted yes. Since my neighbors and the people around me didn’t vote yes I got worried. I still am upset and worried because the libraries are going to be shut down, it’s only a matter of time.

“It‘s scary to think about,” stated my friend and classmate, Mikayla, “that kids won‘t have a safe place to go and read and have security. Just a quiet place.” I went around my advanced Language Arts class asking the students about their thoughts. “It‘s ridiculous! Libraries are awesome, they are get-aways, a home away from home, for me at least.” my friend Danielle told me. All of the kids I spoke to told me that they hardly ever buy books because they could just go to a library and have more options on books and not having it be a waste if they didn’t enjoy the book.

Out of the people who voted yes there was a small group in my community, Mission Viejo, that took a stand. They rallied together and have already had two town meetings. On November 17th, 2009 the Mission Viejo Home Owners Association retained an attorney to seek a halt against the closing. In a 1973 agreement it is stated that the City is obligated to furnish library services for fifty years at this location. The Board and the community feel that the City is obligated to abide by this agreement. The employees of the library stated that it would take $650,000 a year to keep it open. They are trying to get more citizens to join them in the fight and contribute to the cost. I have already written a letter about how I use the Mission Library and that is a big part of my life, the letter will be taken to a City Hall meeting next week along with other children’s letters.

Most people won’t care about this at all, they may say it is childish and desperate to be fighting for a library but I beg to differ. This is a huge problem that the people of Aurora need to realize and get involved with. This is a place with a warm feeling when you step inside and it would be horrible to have that ripped away from our hearts.

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