Beauty Is...

December 5, 2009
Reality Concealed

Wrapped deep inside is the truth; It is beauty. We keep it covered, hidden so well yet everyone knows where it resides. Let it surface and you'll see where it ends. You may ruin the life you have tried so hard to portray, or give life to limitless newly found hopes. Beauty is what we strive to share; enlighten the mind with something appealing. Beauty is what we capture then contort with illusions; associate death with peace and life with hardships and relationships. Each perspective will change, each will be subject to differ.

Beauty happens to be the model who cat-walks like she was born too; the model who makes everyone woman jealous, and every man stuck in lust. The same model who has barely any fat visible and looks great in a size extra small swimsuit top and size one jean working for Abercrombie and Fitch. Tonight she just happens to be sitting at the dinner table alone, staring at an empty plate. She gained two pounds, and now was not allowed to consume anything but water and celery two times a day for four days. Tonight she is the one who goes to bed early because she is too weak to even think about how overweight she became. Don't you dare let them know she cried her heart and soul onto that plate; her career would be over.

Beauty is in the children who run about laughing and playing tag together at
school on recess. The children enjoy just being kids, because soon they will adults and
play dates will become over-rated. They have activities to do like crafts, mid-day nap-time, shaving cream fights and macaroni portraits. School is so easy for them for they have not yet learned the meaning of jealousy or stress, hate or even dating. Fact is, when they leave they return to a broken home. They learn to bare the fighting, screaming, hateful words and swearing. The priceless china hitting the floor implants ringing in their ears, the beaten smile plastered on the bruised face. What an example in simple, shining eyes.

Beauty plays out in strange ways, including how the All-Star Athlete receives a full ride scholarship for playing football. His faithful girlfriend since the seventh grade is more than supportive and trusting. His parents are so proud he’ll be attending a prestigious school, getting the best education and doing what he's always loved to do. Hidden below the surface and underneath the blanket he has intricately woven is what we fail to see from the outside looking in. We fail to see the late night parties going and going until everyone empties their stomach’s onto the floor and the air is so clouded you can hardly see. You couldn't see all the girls coming and going, and neither did the faithful girlfriend. He got the full ride for nothing but running and working-out; the underpaid, straight-A student doing everything in his power to show the world he's someone couldn't even get ten grand off his schooling. Mr. Athlete had the brains we guess, but did the "real" brain ever get credit? No, and he sure didn't have the life he dreamed of.

Beauty lies within the father working two, sometimes three or four jobs to
support his family. Money gets tight but they always seem to pull everything together.
Outside the family we see a nice house, animals running about healthy and lively,
clothing on their backs and food on the table. What we don't see the he is slowly loosing his family. We don't see how much he is missing when he is away from home. Forty minute break between both jobs, and that's only enough time to get to and from. We don't see that every year the whole family gets older; his wife and daughters all love him, but they never have enough time to show it.

Beauty is the Boy who falls in love with a Girl; He'd do anything to see her smile. He’d give everything to feel her heart beat in her chest, match the beat with his heart in his chest. Anything to feel loved by someone he feels so deeply for. He longs to know that she is his, and no one else to share. His mind is always occupied by her; her smell, her taste, her body: everything to do with her. Every second he's worried he's not good enough. Truth is, she’s never met anyone more qualified. The way he makes her feel is what makes her want to open her swollen eyes in the morning; She has a disease and may not live to see graduation day, but he keeps her strong. He has been there since the day she was diagnosed and has promised not to sleep until she does. The day her eyes close for good is the day his entire world comes crashing down.

Beauty seems to never fail in the horse-crazy girl who was told she should give up from the start; She turns around and tells them to “Shove it.” Always dreaming and fantasizing about the day she could finally ride. Her parents knew they could only contain her for so long, the obsession rapidly grew into an passion. She searched for years for a horse of her own; A big stout stallion that pranced in place demanding
attention, A small, quiet mare that did everything from dressage to trail rides. She
wanted the ones like on the posters out of Horse Illustrated Magazine. Her mother was
a nurse; Father was a lawyer. She had a pre-planned life ahead of her, and there was no escaping. The little girls’ dream of being an Olympic Rider diminished when she turned a teenager and caught sight of the boys in the Mustang Sports Cars and all the fancy clothes. She found a new passion for make-up and hair, shoes and dresses. All turned out well I guess, she’s a fashion label now with horse posters in last years issue.

Beauty is all throughout the boy who wore tight pants, black hair and wore eyeliner. He received average grades, had a smaller family and would have been graduating next spring. He had some of the best friends you could find, ones that would really stick by you when your in a pickle. He was in a hardcore band, screaming his heart into the faces of those who feel his pain. Believe it or not, all his life he had been bullied. He has been stalked, beaten-up, called names, banned from school activities, accused of doing drugs and cutting his wrists; its not that he wanted the negative attention, its because he didn’t play football or look like the other “men” on steroids. Never once had he thought about cutting himself, never once had he done drugs. Never once could he stand up for himself. There’s only so much hurt and misjudgment someone can take, and with the school just laughing in his face telling him to “Man-up”, he could not take it anymore. The day the letter came on graduation that there had been a hit and run, there were no surprises. The ones he had hated for so long, My never breathe out hateful words again.

The past is the past, and the future shall be the future but one thing remains the
same; hold onto the Beauty of life. Life itself has so much to offer, it all depends on
how you live it. No one can tell you how to live your life, just make sure your doing it right. Have fun and take a joke every now and then; the best remedy for heartache or
sickness is a good laugh. Sometimes you need just need to let go and cry. Who cares if
anyone will see you, it feels good and makes life easier for you. Make mistakes; be glad you still have the opportunity to learn from and fix them. That’s the beauty of it all; when you get to live the beauty and breathe it in.

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