Who cares if their hearts are rainbow instead of a giant black hole!

November 9, 2009
By Loveoverated01 SILVER, Bristol, Connecticut
Loveoverated01 SILVER, Bristol, Connecticut
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"Ohmigod, girl-on-girl action while the guy gets the benefits." - Hunted, Jack Twist (Ch 3)

Why is the world so filled with hate these days? You'd think that because of the horrible economy people would have their minds set to surviveing rather then hateing someone because of they are gay. Whenever someone asks me if I hate someone I frown and simply respond by saying "Why hate when you dont have to?"

Where is the love? Where is the kindness that is always suppose to exsist in our heart? Why hate someone who is simply trying to be loved. Does it really matter if their lover was a boy or a girl? Why obsess over it? It isnt your life to be upset about so why cause your heart so much hate?

Does it really matter who loves them? I mean as long as someone is in love shouldn't we smile? Would we smile if it was a boy and a girl? I bet we would. Without love madness in what you demonstrate. When you demonstrate madness imagine what you are putting through others minds. People like me. Supports, understanders, people with love dont see you as a good person. We see you as a malicious and evil person.

Although I am only one person many people we stand by me and say that I am right. Discriminate all you want. You are only wasteing your own time. But do me and every other supporter and gay person a favor and find the love in your black hole.

The author's comments:
Power to GSA and diversity!

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