world wide epidemic of cheating Cheating

September 25, 2009
Parental Pressure, Peer pressure, and lack of knowledge are cheating teens out of their full potential. The pressure of loved ones and lack of knowledge are some of the main factors provoking teens to get stressed and cheat.
Parents put a lot of pressure on teens although their intentions are good they over do it. What I mean when I say “ Parents over do it “ is that they set their standards too high. Parents don’t know the learning ability of their children or the difficulty the work is for them. School today isn’t like it was when they were in school so if they don’t start setting reasonable standards with their kids in the long run instead of helping them they will damage their education, Peer Pressure is another factor provoking teens to cheat in school. Some teens are cheating just to impress their friends. No body wants to be the un-cool and dumb kid in school. A quick way to get good grades and still be able to maintain a social life results in cheating for some. This is where the lack of knowledge comes in. Teens that cheat to get by in school don’t learn anything but yet they are bumped up to the next level. When they are bumped up they are more likely to cheat because the difficulty level went up but their minds stayed the same.
No way you put it can sugar coat the fact that cheating is cheating. No matter what happens teens are always going to cheat. May it be from stress and pressure of some kind provoking it or just the wanting to fail out of school. The only way to really help them is to take some of the stress and pressure off of them. Parents and peers should stop expecting so much from each other. Teachers need to pay more attention and make sure that the teens understand their work and aren’t cheating. The last resolution would be to have the teens cheating realize that what they are doing is wrong. It’s not cool to cheat although some friends do. Most of all they need to realize when they cheat, they actually do more work and learn less than if they actually did the work the first time.

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