The Change

July 27, 2009
By Anonymous

Ive come to realize in my recent personal experience that we are all alone. We are all trapped inside a burning building with no one beside us, no one to call. And, ultimately no way out. Sure you will have people as you know as “friends”. But most of those “friends” will walk in and out of your life as they please. In my life, whenever one person walks out about ten others walk in. whether they are good friends or bad friends is all up to your judgment. If you consider teens that cuss and drink occasionally then I guess you would consider most of my friends “bad.” If you consider teens that are full blooded Christians, don’t cuss, do drugs or party. Im sure you think those as the “good friends.” And you know, I can’t really say anything against those people because I have 5 best friends who are like that. Those are the ideal teens that parents would want their kid hanging out with. But the “good” teens understanding level only goes so far, because they haven’t been through or seen what I have. I used to be the worst teen ever. Im not even in the range of being remotely close to being considered as one of the “good” kids. But I have cleaned up a lot, sure Im not the best but I am no longer the worst. So my looks are deceiving, Im not a bad kid, yet not a good kid either. Im just me, and that’s all I will ever be. Im done trying to please everyone and live up to their standards. Its time I start making my own, and try my best to live up to the pedestal Im about to put myself on. It’s not going to be easy; I know that it’s going to be really hard. And Im going to have to work at it everyday because it’s my time to step up and make the change. I don’t know how long it will take or if I will even reach what Im aiming for. But Im going to try my hardest and hope that I succeed, and if I don’t I wont feel like I lost anything. I think I will feel like I gained a whole lot more!

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on Sep. 8 2009 at 11:31 pm
catik111 SILVER, Des Moines, Iowa
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it's very very good!

on Sep. 6 2009 at 1:16 pm
BellaLuna1 BRONZE, Ozone Park, New York
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is this about you? Well anyways i loved it like loved loved loved it its great!

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