A Generation of Apathy

August 15, 2009
By makeartnotwar BRONZE, Annandale, New Jersey
makeartnotwar BRONZE, Annandale, New Jersey
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We’ve all gotten used to it; where I’m from, it’s almost the social norm. The same complaints are made over and over in slightly different ways and nobody connects the dots and sees the circles they’re running in; they’re too busy sneaking out, making out or pretending to be breaking out of the norm of high school. It’s mundane. There’s town and the movies and the mall. There are stupid dances everyone goes to but nobody likes anyway and class officers who have a pretty little title but don’t change anything significant because they’re fine with the plain and boring. are friends, sworn to secrecy with the deepest and darkest of secrets who in 20 years will remember nothing about their “besties” except how typical and transparent they were. And they are. We all are. We’re content with being tiny people in a massive world and not making a dent. Somehow, we’re happy drinking and smoking the nights away while the earth borders on an apathetic collapse. It’s assumed that the world will be just fine, and it’s not until it effects us that we’ll care. But Africa can keep perishing under the weight of multiple genocides; it can rot in hell, for all it matters to us. Antarctica, the “coldest” place on Earth will soon heat up to the point where it may as well be Africa, but as long as the melted ice and teardrops don’t get our coach bags wet, we’re content with misusing- or not using- every piece of privilege pie we have. Individually we assume we don’t matter. If one person can’t start a revolution, then who can? Everything starts with one person spurring the person next to them into action. But if not one person on this Earth cares enough about people other than themselves to pull their heads out of the sand and do something, how long will it take until we drive ourselves into the ground?

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on Mar. 13 2010 at 10:21 pm
jOjOsfreakingCIRCUS GOLD, Brentwood, Tennessee
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Totally breathtaking. I absolutely love your writing style, very captivating yet not overexaggerated. What you've said is very true, and I'm glad someone actually acknowledges something that has been politely kept quiet for far too long.

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