my fav person

May 29, 2009
By Anonymous

My hero is my big brother. He has a really bad disability and is crippled and can not walk anymore.He has mild retardation and he is 16 but acts like a 2 year old. But he is like always so happy. he pretends he is speed racer and races in his wheelchair and says he is the fastest in the world. He inspires me to keep going. He is so strong he never crys. He wares a pair of gloves to potect his hands from his wheelchair and befor he eats he has to take them off and we ask to help but he wonts to do it himself. it really takes him 15- 30 mins just to get them off. I t will take 15-30 mins to put them back on. he never complains about o i wish this happened or i wish i could walk. he is just him self and will always smile. that is my hero, brother, love, best friend!

The author's comments:
this is all true and it just says why i love my disabled brother pretty much. but he is my world so i love him for that!

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