Reflective Essay

May 26, 2009
By Anonymous

How many of you have a reason or person to make you strive to achieve the best? There is a woman who is always the reason why I strive to do my best. This woman pushes me to be the strong young that I am today. Sometimes I wonder why GOD put this gallant, vigorous, lovely woman in my life. The question is always answered when I do something good and I see the sparkle in her eye. Let me tell you how the relationship between this woman and I has made me a better person.

We may argue over the pettiest things one major issue is that I think I’m grown already. At the end of the day I always know who sits on the throne. For the past three months while I was procrastinating on doing the most important thing in my life, finding a college, she has been the little bee in my ear buzzing the words “You need to hurry up before it is too late!” Even when I’m not doing well she always boost me up with that extra motivation that I need to make it through the day.

This woman is the one I admire the most simply because she cares for me when no one else does. She does so many things for me, like pay for my school trips, make sure I have lunch money, make sure I make it home safely from school and so on. She makes sure that I will always have my needs before my wants. To others that may not seem all that important, but personally I could care less if I don’t have anything else because all I need is this woman. I know that in any case she would bend her back to get me out of trouble. Sometimes when I thought that no one heard my cries, she was right there to wipe the tears away, saying “Everything will be alright.”

This last year in the house that I grew up in for my whole life will be cherished because of the woman that lives in it. During this year I plan to sped as much time with her as possible. When I’m off to college I will miss her meaningful words in my ear. I also will miss the little arguments that we have or had. The things that I will never forget are the words of inspiration that she would place in my lunch box in elementary through middle school. Also I will never forget the words of encouragement that she has pounding in my head throughout my senior year. If the world were to end today I would leave here knowing that there was a woman willing to sit out in the 20° weather for me. That woman would be the best woman ever my mother, Mrs. Zena Legette.

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