July 30, 2009
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They surround us everyday. They prey on our every flaw. They make us go crazy, so you can join the others that are already pleading insanity. They are a silent killer that slaughters us from the inside out. They make us mad, sad, happy, excited, scared, surprised, joyful, optimistic, but in all reality they just make us suffer. Is life really about the clothes we wear, or how much money our parents can make, or really even who we are? The answer to this might surprise you, but its honestly not. Our clothes didnt do this to us, our parents didnt do this to us no matter how many times you may tell yourself that, and if were going to be truthful then just come out and say it, because every sigle one of you know that it's our fault these cliques even started in the first place. We segregate ourselves, not our parents, money, or clothes. They are all just excuses we use to justify our reasoning for forming these groups, and it needs to stop. We Need to Kill Cliques.

Do you remember when you were in kindergarten? You were friends with everyone in your class, but then as you get older, you try to fit in more and realize that you must either leave them behind, or you'll be left out of the crowd. We end up hurting more people than you were led on and it gets harder and harder everyday to try and be friends with everyone. Eventually, we get sick of trying and cave into the black hole of lies, gossip, and rumors that really get us nowhere. We hurt people whose names we dont even know! We make fun of the people over there at that table because they are so called "not worthy" of sitting at ours?! We giggle and snicker at the new girl with the so called weird hair and old clothes and automatically decide to keep our lives separate from theirs. Why? Is it because our society today teaches us that it's okay to make fun of those geeks or nerds while we all should strive to be more like the popular girls or the jocks? Or is it because we are so willing to change who we really are just so we can go sit at that lunch table, or hang out with that crowd over there? Why would we even want to be near those people who want us to change??It just doesnt make sense, and you don't understand it any better than I do, so do we just blame society? Sure, society might be telling you its okay to go with the flow, it's natural to want to fit in, but we are the ones who are hurting others, and we are the source of the problem.
There are ways that we could all get along and be friends with whomiver you want, no matter what the tag on the back of their shirt says, or whether their hands hold a band instrument or the latest designer purse. There are ways that we all can learn to love eachother for who we really are, but it's not easy and we are too afraid to put in the effort because we dont want to try and fail, but believe me it'll be worth it. Of course we'll fight, and get mad, and sure we'll find out we dont exactly get along with everybody, but at least we can say that were trying. At least we can walk away every single day knowing that we tried our absolute hardest to kick those cliques to the curb.
Maybe once we've achieved this, well realize that the world can be a better place without cliques. Maybe someday we will realize how foolish we were to follow the crowd in the first place.
Maybe someday we will learn to accept others and ourselves for who we are.
Maybe someday we will learn to love and be loved.
Maybe someday someday we can kill the cliques.
Maybe... someday, because all it takes is you.


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