Patriotic Paper

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

I believe veterans should be honored. Many died fighting for us. Without them we wouldn’t is as fortunate as we are for our freedom. Here Is other reasons to honor them.
One reason they should be honored is because they risked their life fighting for us. From WWI to Vietnam all people should be horned, especially the ones who didn’t make it back. For the family of the men in would be really hard think about it would kill me to not to know if you brother, dad or Evan cousin was still alive. It would be Evan harder to know that your family mate died.
My grandpa was in WWII and my mom said she wasn’t alive but my grandma said it was very stressful and he didn’t make a ton of money to for her. That is also a reason that we should honor them because they were not paid the best. Thankfully my grandpa made it back alive but like I said earlier some were not so lucky.
The Japanese were ruthless and insanely cruel which seeing what some people did made them not want to fight. The Japanese would booby trap the dead bodies of them selves or even out troops bodies so if we went to pick them up they would blow up. One thing they would do to offend and scare Americans violate the dead bodies. This made it also hard to keep fighting knowing that might happen to you.
One thing I saw on the history channel is were they had veterans come on and talked about WWII and they talked about how one of the hardest parts, they were all hard but this one stood out. They said the hardest job out there was the medic. The medic had to be courage’s because they had to either run across the field and if there was no cover he would be a sitting duck. I also point this out is because my grandpa was a medic he doesn’t tell me much about the war because he doesn’t like to but luckily he made it back.

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