News, Politics, and Why Power Isn't Everything

August 11, 2009
By Sarah Wilkinson SILVER, Kensington, Connecticut
Sarah Wilkinson SILVER, Kensington, Connecticut
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Everyone seems to dwell on the bad and never really open up their arms to the good. News reporters linger on deaths, murders, and robbings, and only briefly mention their counterparts- charity work being done, religious/special holidays, missing persons found, lost pets found, ect.

It seems like everyone believes the world is a terrible place because of media amplifying what is wrong. I agree certain issues need to be addressed to the public for their own good, but how far is too far? For example, does America really need to be engrossed in the divorce between the couple of "Kate Plus Eight"? Does anyone really have to know ALL of the details pertaining Michael Jackson's horrible death? Why in the world are court cases being televised except for the sole purpose of possibly gaining fame?

If everyone stopped focusing on themselves and trying to position themselves "higher" in society, that time fussing about what's wrong could be turned into stressing what's right and how to continue to bring sucess like that.

Our society sees the world as being half empty; we need to be half full. Nothing would get done if everyone just sat back and complained, or only sought to gain just for themselves.

That might come off sounding condenscending, and that I've never made mistakes, but enlighten yourselves please! Everyone doesn't share the same opinions of you, nor is the universe made for one.

Wars have been caused by:
-Religion: Okay, is it just me or is it true that ALL religions value a moral that says NOT to kill?
-Political Views: Again, a specific way to run a country, government, or state should not cause war, however, talking in a peaceful setting that relies on compromise for solutions is ideal.
-GAIN FOR OWN COUNTRY: example? Fossil Fuels. [Try working for renewable resources and do this as a world effort, not separately.Everyone will need this someday.]
-Misunderstandings! Biggest highlight.

The world is a beautuful place because we have the capability to express different ideas and none are better then the other.

A teacher taught me once that Politics = Power,who holds it that is.
Maybe that's why I've never been interested in it myself, until now.

Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, Doctors hold power.
Teachers, Writers, Singers, Actors.
Firemen, Policemen, Garbagemen.
Students like me.

The world was not created for one.

Yes, everyone has a voice, and a right to make that voice heard, but power is not everything. Not in the sense many think of power.

The power that should be used is trying to understand, to reach out and help someone, to provide guidance for someone in need, to clean the trash on the streets, to be concerned for someone else's well-being.

Not only is that power, but it has the capability to influence generations to come, and to ultimately change the world we see today.

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