Scared? You're not alone in the dark

July 23, 2009
By beautifulchaos SILVER, Valley Springs, California
beautifulchaos SILVER, Valley Springs, California
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At Calaveras High School, we meet many people that are too arrogant to admit they are afraid of something in their life. A study was made for three or more classes on their fear. During the study, various results were found, some surprising and some comforting.When asked to state their fear, more students had arachnophobia (fear of spiders).In fact, it averaged up to about 20%. "Spiders are creepy, and crawly and gross! Im afraid they're gonna be all over me."admitted on student. Other people are afraid of large bodies of water. This fear usually occurred during childhood and estimated to about 12% of the student body. "If the water is extremely deep,i cant handle it.its like im constantly falling."said another student. Heights seemed to be a common fear factor in school too. It's been stated by about 7% that they cant get over it no matter how hard they try. "i like the security of the ground."said one more. People dont usually face their fears often. In fact over 50% try to avoid them all together. "i avoid deep water and oceans as much as possible. I almost never have a problem with it now." Most people have small fears. However, there are a few who have extreme phobia. About 85% are only merely afraid of these things. whereas 15% is extremely afraid of things. "i pass out when a spider gets too close to me." said a student. The rest of the results gathered included about 52% of other various fears in the teens' lives. These range from snakes to being alone in life. When it comes right down to it, everyone is afraid of something, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. So tell me.....are YOU scared???

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this is an article i wrote that actually got published in our school newspaper from our beginning journalism class

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