Persuasive essay on why Homosexual marriage should be legalized.

March 20, 2009
By Corixxx17 BRONZE, W. Long Branch, New Jersey
Corixxx17 BRONZE, W. Long Branch, New Jersey
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On August 25th of 1985 a beautiful baby boy was born, his mother and father named him Billy. Billy soon grew big and strong, he had beautiful ice blue eyes and pale blonde hair that made him look like an angel, which is what his mother called him, her little angel. She was so proud and told him that anyone he would lucky to have him. She told him how he would find some beautiful girl and they would fall in love then, they would get married and have many pretty little babies and live happily ever after, just like his mommy and daddy had.

As Billy grew older he noticed he wasn’t like the other boys his age. He had many girlfriends, but not the kinds of girlfriends his guy friends had. While his guy friends were kissing the girls, Billy was helping the girls when the same boys hurt them. The girls would confide in him because they trusted him. They trusted that he wouldn’t tell anyone and that he could help them when were sad. He was their ear to listen and their shoulder to cry on. His family saw him with the girls and thought of him as a normal boy. However deep inside, Billy knew better. He knew he wasn’t like the other boys.

When Billy was 16 his friend John asked him if he ever thought about kissing a boy. Billy admitted that the thought has crossed his mind and figured that it had to be no different from kissing a girl, he admitted to having been kissed by a few of his girlfriends, when they were sad or crying they sometimes would kiss him, not a friendly kiss either. He knew it was wrong that they were hurt and if he continued then he would be taking advantage of them, he didn’t want to be someone that did that, he was the one where the girls would come to when a guy had used them, if he used them where would they go to? He didn’t want to be like them.

While Billy was thinking John had leaned in and kissed him, he found it strange how ever, not in a bad way. He found it strange that Johns kiss was very different from the ones he has received in the past. Yes it was the same idea but the feeling was different. Different from Susan’s and Jen’s which had been desperate for affection, and unlike Lucy’s that had been forceful and demanding. This was nice and soft. John didn’t want to scare him away, Billy could feel it, he also felt something he had never felt before. He felt that this was what he wanted. He felt whole. That the empty spot in his chest had finally been filled.

From that day on Billy knew that he most defiantly wasn’t like the other boys, as the other boys were looking at girls, Billy was looking at the boys. Once he considered telling a friend of his, but he figured best he not. He was scared of what she might call him. He didn’t want that to happen to him, so he just kept quite.

He was even more afraid of telling his parents. How could he possibly tell his mom and dad that their angel wouldn’t give them grandchildren, and he as a only child, their only hope. He wouldn’t find that pretty girl and marry her and live happy ever after like they had hoped. He felt as if he would betray them. That he wasn’t good enough. He would never get married and that’s just the way it goes.

SSM or same sex marriage is no different from a woman and a man getting married, if not harder. The not only have to dead with legal issues that straight marriages need to like wills, money, taxes, mortgaged, property taxes and even the fact that they have to deal with each other on top of all that, they have to deal with strangers stares, those who look down on them for being a man and a man or a woman and a woman, people feel as if they are freaks, but they are no different from me and you. If you think so give me three reasons how a human being could be a bad person just for who they love. If you need to tell me your opinion on this matter please tell me so.

Some people say Gay marriage is against the bible. It is? You mean there's really a passage in the holy book that says, "If gays wed they shall be sent to hell for all of eternity”? Well, there are a lot of things in the bible and you who never seem to heed the other things. Why are you suddenly be so devout and literal minded? Also, people say It'll destroy the sanctity of straight marriage. No that's already been quite shattered, and we only have ourselves to blame for that. We have long desacnatized marriage by cheating and lying and bringing unwanted children into the world and then divorcing when was sick of the person. Then do it over and over again. How would two adults tying the knot destroy the sanctity of anything?

The General Accounting Office of the Federal Government in 1997, in a 75 page brief prepared for the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee enumerated some 1,049 laws giving rights to married heterosexual couples These rights are denied to gay couples. In an Editorial from March of 2000, the New Jersey Law Journal gives some examples of rights denied to committed same-sex couples. “Same sex couples who are prohibited from marrying are excluded from a plethora of legal benefits specifically tied to legally recognized marriage: for example, access to a spouse's medical, life and disability insurance; hospital visitation and medical decision-making privileges… workers' compensation survivor benefits; spousal benefits and retirement plans…the right to refuse to testify against one's spouse…” and many others. These instances of discrimination based on the preference for legally married couples effect many people negatively when they least expect it. Unmarried heterosexual couples, however, have the option of being legally married. Same-sex couples have no such recourse.

These are just some of the privileges homosexual couples can’t have just because they are gay. It’s unjust. American says we are free and wont discriminate. In fact, if you make fun of someone for being gay in schools what happens? You get sent to the principal’s office if a teacher hears. Now if we protect the gays in school and treat them equally there, why does this not apply in the real life? Why must we single out Gays and refuse them to be happy just because they are attracted to the same gender.

Now you remember little Billy? Billy is now 23. When Billy graduated from college he ran into a friend of his, John. John asked Billy if he would like to go get coffee and catch up, he agreed and they did. John then asked him on a date after Billy admitted to him that he was now indeed gay and had been with a few men but none of them really worked out. So they started going out and everything was going so well.

A year and a half later John proposed to Billy, he looked at him and moved his pale hair away from his blue eyes and told him that when he looks in his eyes he gets lost and that it was like swimming in the middle of the ocean with no boat for when he got tired to rest on, but he would never get tired and he never wanted to stop being there. He also told him that he makes him happier then he has ever been and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with him. Then John got on one knee and help out a box. And inside the box was a simple gold band that said “forever and always” he asked him if he would be his life partner and Billy quickly said yes. John leaned up and kissed Billy. He slipped the ring on his finger and kissed his tears away

It was a very beautiful ceremony flowers and friends as far as the eye could see. They exchanged vows and rings and kissed to start their new life together. But that night as they were lying in bed, Billy looked at John and said “it’s not real is it?” to which John replied “of course it is, I love you and nothing will ever change that, I don’t need a piece of paper to prove to everyone I do.” He kissed his life partner good night and went back to sleep. But Billy has one last thing to say before he fell asleep in the arms of his love. “But that piece of paper would be nice….”

Now i need you to imagine something for me. Imagine John was a girl , and Billy was straight. They could get married, and be legally seen as husband and wife. Why just becuase they are two men, does it change? What does being gay have to do with being happy. Why because he is gay, everything has to change?

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on Feb. 23 2014 at 5:18 pm
Why should it be illegal?? People who are gay are no different from us! They still need food and water to survive, and need love to be happy, people say money is the same as love and that will keep them happy just like love could but it won't.  Money is only temporary, love can be eternal, so i don't see why you should stop someone from being who they are and loving who they love, if your to immature and stuck up to see what love really is no matter boy and girl, girl and girl, or boy and boy then you shouldn't ever experience love, you should never get love and you should never have love because someone who doesn't know that everyone loves who they love, then shouldn't have love themselves. Imagine people who were homosexual had the right to marry but people who were heterosexual couldn't, how would you feel? How would you feel getting laughed at and discriminated on the streets? No one should deserve that. 

on Nov. 16 2012 at 12:30 pm
Lol, nope! I think you made a typo it should be Illegal

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