Respect the Soldiers!!!

July 13, 2009
By Lynzee Johnson BRONZE, Cochran, Georgia
Lynzee Johnson BRONZE, Cochran, Georgia
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My Grandmother met a man a few weeks ago.

She found out that this young man was a sad, broken-hearted soldier.
His mother has just recently died.He missed the funeral because he was in Iraq.
You could tell this young man,
no older than 25, loved his mother.

I do not know,what it is like to lose a mother.A lot of people do. I do not know what it is like to fight for a country, who worries more about one celebrity dying, than tons of men and women dying daily for our country. But a lot of people do.
I now respect the soldiers,they could die at any moment,but they choose to fight another country so that Americans can sleep at night.I have learned that little kids loose their mama or their daddy.I have learned that they're are babies that will never know their mother's or their father's.I have learnd to RESPECT THE SOLDIERS!!!

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